Did you see Lizzo with my Butt Mugs?!!?

September 2020 was one of the most exciting timese in my life!!!! Lizzo was seen pouring and sipping out of my butt mugs during her Vogue 22 Questions Invterview! And then she was seen naked on a Dove Campaign with my butt mug in her hand! And using the mug on TikTok to scoop out her homemade soups!? Needless to say, I could keep up with the demand of hand crafting each mug but I love the idea of everyone being able to start their day like Lizzo!! Fast forward, by the end of 2022 I had launced a super successful kickstarter and we are now looking at a March 15th arrival date of now bringing butt mugs to the masses!!!! You need a butt mug! And you need a butt mug! We all need a butt mug!!!! Cheers and please spread the cheer to others!!!!