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"Joining the Throwing with Molly membership has been a wonderful experience. Molly’s enthusiasm for all things clay along with her videos and weekly check-ins have been a game changer and I’ve seen huge growth in my skills and in my business since joining. Plus, the extended community she has created is so supportive. It’s great to belong to such a fun and knowledgeable group of ceramic artists!"​Melissa H.


"I love Molly's membership! I've learned so much in such a short amount of time, and all her tips and tricks have saved me time and frustration for sure. The goals really got me moving, making more progress than I expected and she so very nurturing and helpful. I highly recommend this membership to potters, to both beginners and experienced potters alike." -Skye J.


"Very good video material and I really like that you got answers quick. It's also inspiring to follow others that is in a similar clay situation!" -Marie J.

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